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dont worry things well get better lol just go out today and stuff i mean it is a day off from school

Best nite ever =D

wow wat can i say this day could not have gone any better thn how it was today i went to the game wit my friends and pick up my bro so we can go thn the game was toooo fkn fun just cheering for our team and we won =D we sick beat the titans the cheerlearders did an amazing job GO SENIORS!!!! took pictures….ALOT of pictures haha left the game early like a few minutes b4 the game ended and headed to tams wit my bro and his buddy frank eat some “scrumdiddlyumchess” chilli cheese fries….thats bro for the treat i owe u one….thn my friend brit met up wit us we stayed there for a bit but it started getting super fkn packed at tams. Makes me b thankful we went to tams early lol…thn we left and went to the arcade in pacific lol it was funny cuz on our way over there me and brit were laughing our asses off cuz my bro and frank reminded us about eachother and its like we were watching ourselves lol good to know how me and my bbycakes brit will b in the future XD but overall i had a blast but it was getting too fkn hot lol saw my bro play against frank but my bro got owned sick wit it lol i even took pictures of that lol but it was time for me to go home so we made our way to the car but i took a few more pics before we left. We dropped off my friend brit to her house and thn finally made it to mine and ended the nite wit a hug goodbye from my bro =D and a thank you from me to frank for the ride lol..wonder how the next adventure will b like haha i bet its gonna b u later <333.

hahaha this is how bored we get in class that we do stupid shit that we nvr usually do this is the first time brit puts eyeliner on me she put grey eyeliner on me trying to show some school spirit but it didnt really work well since im white u cant see the grey eyeliner lol gotta find some burgandy eyeliner or something to write on my face for the game lol…blog u later


dam today is the day where we LEGENDS beat the stupid ass titans on the field its gonna b the best game ever lol gotta prepare my voice for it will b lost due to alot of screaming wit my buddies lol gonna go support my class woooo class of 11…afterschool gonna go buy some air horns and stuff thn we go get our screaming on thn gonna go eat tams lol hope my bro goes i dont want him to miss out and stuff lol ill let u know was happens ppl until next time….blog u later

Nemo, how do you use this?? lol 3ducksandaplatapus-deactivated2

Its so easy ill do it for u lol

marines here i come lol

well ive been thinking for the past few months wat i should do after high school thought of going to community college and make up my classes thn transfer to otis college of fine arts and design but i got to thinking fuck that shit thn thats wen my calling came along =) i got a call from the army saying if i was interested in joining and i was like hell yea lol so im still waiting for thm to call me back so they can give me and appointment but they r taking to long imma just go ahead and go to the recruiting center for my dam self lol but im not gonna go to army imma go for marines hoorah….imma follow my bros footsteps hes a brave soldier and ill b one two i just got serve a few yrs and ill b back around my 20s yaaaay imma b a completely dif person wen i get back and imma kick some ass too while im at it blog u later

my god its windy lol

dam todays weather hasnt been good at all it was wierd in the morning cuz all of a sudden it just started raining like crazy thn 3 min later it stopped lol but i wore my favorite coat so it kept me warm lol and i finally feel like i found pnut number 2 yaaaaay he will b my new nene lol well anyways dam idk *blush* hehe i hope i see him tomorrow lol….and my buddy <3 made cheesecake it was mainly for me but i shared lol hes toooo down => i like how he uses his words and stuff and the way he is lol its soooo similar to someone i knew lol but yea chillis or whaaaaa lmao today was a good day and i know its gonna b getting better =D oh and powderpuff game on wednes day i gotta buy my ticket tomorrow haha go legends lol gonna see my buddy audi cheer u go girl lmao well i got a big day ahead of me tomorrow im sooo excited and prepared …dont u just love karma lol until next time blog u later….oh and i have a scrapbook so im taking pictures wit my besties tomorrow in school i love my scrapbook hehe…now imma say blog u later lol 

my big bro =>

we all have that one person who u admire and look up to for who they are and how they are so heres my person….let me introduce you guys to my big bro X> he is over the top awesome lol…and hes a very very tough cookie….=.= jerk jkjk…i look up to my big bro because he doesnt let anything and anyone get to him..he handles himself very well no matter the situation…i wanna b like him lol….hes toooooo funny like seriously we have fun and have our laughs but he makes me feel wack at times but i only let him slide cuz hes older =.=  and besides isnt that wat big bros do to their lil sisters besides protecting thm which i think he does wit me idk lol and well wen hes having that bad day or gets mad u better stand back…naw hes one not to go looking for problems so wen he does have those bad days hes not the kind to let it out on people…ok imma just say hes not really my brother but i got attached to him cuz i see him as a big bro and he sees me as his lil sis…well so i think lol its funny wen he refers to me as “lil one”…hes helped me out and has given me as much advice as he can wen and if i need it…he might think to himself that he doesnt have a heart but i call bs on that cuz i know wat a heartless person is and i know for a fact he isnt => even thoe ive only known my big bro for like a yr mayb almost 2 i can sure say hes a big part of my life now and he trying hard to get himself in the marines which i know he will get into…and if he does i hope he keeps in touch…well thats the story…not really all of it but oh well…about my bro…oh and his name is brian ha..ha..ha lol…blog u later

- David Guetta feat Kid Cudi - Memories feat K

BS parents >=/

seriously im honestly getting sick and tired of having to give money to my parents from my check wtf i work for my fkn money and they get all bitchy and butthurt wen i dont want to pay thm back …they r parents they r suppose to do their job and take care of their fkn kids without expecting something back…i hate paying thm back..wat if i didnt work…wat thn are they still gonna tell me to fkn pay thm back…NO …they fkn arent…they tell me im worthless and im a piece of shit daughter and a disgrace wtf i dont have to take care of thm its the other way around fkn assholes…they love my lil sister of course shes the favorite shes the angel of the house…well my fkn ass she is…and until this moment they r still talking their shit….just heard my dad say im dead to him lmfao like if i give a shit lol…its gonna b funny wen im successful lets see who comes apologizing to who lol and they want me to leave wen im 18 which is next month so if anyone is looking for a roomate or wouldnt mind taking me in just for a while plz hit me up on facebook and help me get out of this fkn shithole….blog u later

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